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Massage Chair FAQ

Our Promise

There are over 100 brands of massage chairs available online. However, only 10 brands are sold in stores nationwide.  Those 10 brands are battlefield tested and proven to be reliable and have earned a trust badge and are worthy of your consideration.  Of those 10 brands ONLY 4 are ALSO Global brands, sold in multiple  countries, which have the highest trust badge and have earned the highest degree of trust and long term customer satisfaction. At Relax In Comfort we are proud to represent those four Global brands.  

As a Furniture For Life (FFL) exclusive Central Florida Gallery we are proud to continue our promise to focus on presenting only the best massage chairs available today to Central Florida consumers. These Global brands include the LARGEST company (Panasonic) and from the lineage of the OLDEST company brand (D-Core) along with the most INNOVATIVE (OHCO) and the "Best In Class" value centric brand (Positive Posture). When you shop for massage chairs at Relax in Comfort we promise the following:

  • We offer only deeply trusted Global brands with a proven track record of performance.
  • We endeavor to be a credible and accurate source of massage chair information.
  • We will distinguish ourselves to you as those who know a lot about massage chairs and massage therapy.
  • We will further distinguish ourselves as caring people who are pursuing a passion to share massage with your best interests always in mind.

What massage chair is best for overall value and performance?

The new Brio Plus model chair offers the best value for a fully loaded advanced massage chair.  The Brio offers zero gravity recline, gentle foot rollers, heated back rollers, enhanced back & leg heat, and an extended 3-D advanced L-Track roller which provides for a full body 4D massage all the way down to the glutes and a built in USB port to recharge your device and yourself at the same time.

What chair delivers the strongest massage intensity?

Without question the Panasonic MA-J7. The MA-J7 has a 12.5 cm 3-D intensity option. Other models are from 3cm to 4cm 3-D intensity. Panasonic Real Pro mechanism has the deepest and most intense massage experience of any chair sold in North America. The OHCO R.6 model is an L-track model with a very intense full body massage and boasts a beautiful mid century modern appearance. 

Do any chairs have heated rollers simulating hot stone therapy?

Yes.  The Panasonic models MA-73 and MA-J7 and the Brio Plus and select other models have true heated "hot stone" rollers as opposed to just a built-in heating unit warming a static area.

Why are many chair warranties misleading?

Many brands offer what sounds like amazing warranty coverage while actually only covering massage and electronic parts for one year – with 90 days labor and often no in-home service at all.  You must find in writing what the labor coverage, full electronic massage parts coverage and in-home coverage periods are.  Do not be fooled by “structural frame coverages” that in fact cover virtually nothing; in reality, it only includes the metal frame structure, not the electronic massage parts, motor block, hand controller, or circuit boards.

Why should I avoid an internet only massage chair purchase?

When purchasing a massage chair, you are buying the massage chair experience.  It is nearly impossible to evaluate that experience based on specs.  The specs do not indicate if the massage is gentle, rushed, purposeful or properly choreographed, or if it “feels” just right for your body and your individual needs.  Beware of “free in-home trials” that require excessive return fees or very expensive shipping fees often exceeding $1,500 in hidden out of pocket costs.

What is the best way to determine which chair will best fit my needs?

The only effective way to evaluate a massage chair is to experience the chair in person for an extended period of time in the comfort of our showroom.   Please allow a minimum of one hour to allow us time to evaluate your massage chair goals and for the actual massage chair experience. Private shopping visits are also available.

How often should I use my massage chair?

Daily massage has wonderful and long-lasting wellness benefits.  The actual duration and best frequency will vary. Generally, even 3 to 5 massage sessions weekly is sufficient to help reduce stress and promote wellness.  Consult your physician or personal wellness coach or specialist for your personal massage plan.

How affordable are massage chairs to own?

Our models vary from the Sol chair priced at $2,000 to the OHCO Limited Edition M.8LE priced at $15,000  - yet they are all surprisingly affordable and cost efficient. Consider that a high end model purchased at $8,999 is only $899 per year over ten years and only $2.46 per day to own!  Where else can you get a world class massage for $2.46 per day? 

How much space do they require?

Generally, the same space as a traditional recliner.  The Brio Classic model is a true wall hugger and actually requires only a few inches of wall clearance required behind the chair.

Are there any chairs that can also be used a traditional recliner?

Yes.  The MA-73 easily transforms from a deep tissue massage chair into a traditional recliner within seconds. 

Are your massage chairs really as good a massage therapist?

Many owners state their FFL massage chairs are as good as or better than their own massage therapist.  However, even if not as good as the best massage therapist in your area, using your own chair every day will do you more good than having the world’s best massage therapist once per week or once per month.  Our chairs never say no, and never get tired.  A FFL chair massage at 7 AM is just a vigorous as one at 11 PM should you select the same program and intensity.  Total Control is in your hands.  

Is there an extended protection plan available?

Yes.  For residential use we offer a five-year complete protection plan available at time of purchase only for $500.  The plan covers any model massage chair regardless of price and also provides for fabric protection.  The plan essentially extends the factory warranty to a full complete five-year term.  See plan document for full details & plan limitations. Commercial placement warranty coverage is available on most models with 2 year commercial coverage for an additional $400 at time of sale. 

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