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Power Adjustable Bases FAQ

What is a power base?

The power base replaces the traditional box spring typically used under an ordinary flat mattress. The mattresses do not elevate by themselves, they require a power base to articulate position.  The power base contains the power lift assembly which allows for hundreds of relaxing positions for better sleep and more comfort while engaging in social media or working from home in your quiet place. 

Do you offer no interest payment options?

Yes.  We have partnered with 3rd party banks (Wells Fargo, TD Bank, Synchrony & others) who offer a variety of special financing options to include no interest if paid off in full by a date certain or equal payment with no interest over a specified number of months.  Many of these promotions are sponsored by our industry trade group or our vendor partners and will vary seasonally.  Please check with our Wellness Advocates for current promotions.

Do you offer a return option on power bases?

No.  The industry wide standard does not allow for returns since the power bases are the motion furniture placed under your mattress and are universally compatible with another mattress if so desired.  There is no subjective or unknown comfort issue with a power base- the base simply allows the mattress to elevate. The mattresses have comfort return or exchange options, not the motion furniture that sits beneath the mattress. 

Which power base manufacturer is most innovative power base manufacturer in the World?

There are four major brands of adjustable bases sold in America: Leggett & Platt, Ergomotion, Reverie and Malouf.  In 2020 the Malouf power bases have earned the spot as the most durable and INNOVATIVE power bases available, boasting real time snore detection & response, "Hey Siri" commands, pillow tilt option, multi level massage systems, zero clearance designs, USB ports and more!

How do you know which manufacturers provide the BEST base(s)?

Since each manufacturer offers a variety of models and features, we carefully examine exactly which models we carry to perfectly balance our power base portfolio for our customers.  Our selection advisory board consists of industry experts with over 100 years of combined experience with adjustable bed bases. We only represent the top tier of power base manufacturers.  Quality does not cost, it truly pays in the long run.  Leggett & Platt, Ergomotion, Reverie  and Malouf are the top tier manufacturers in the world for adjustable power bases.  

What is a wall-hugger feature?

With the wall-hugger feature, bases retract backwards while elevating the head forcing couples to settle for two twin mattresses pushed together for a King size bed.  All of our power base models have a stationary base design that allows couples to position each side of their bed separately for both their head and feet with all Flex Head King or Flex Head Queen mattresses. We have carefully selected power bases that are 100% compatible with all Flex Head mattresses. 

Does anyone make a power base that fits directly on top of a platform bed with drawers?

Yes.  We carry a few models that can sit on slats or even a platform base with drawers.

Does anyone make a power base that can be controlled from an App?

Yes.  Our manufacturers offer power bases that may be operated from an App.  In addition, “Alexa” or “Hey Siri” commands are available on select models.  Please see a sales educator for exact models and features.

Do you offer a FREE adjustable base with purchase?

Our line- up includes “Great”, “Better” and “Best” models.  “FREE” does not mean it will not have a cost.  We made a decision a long time ago to not carry entry level “head up only” models; or those with a disposable power base design & appearance often used in “FREE” promotions by Big Box stores or mega chain mattress retailers.  It would cost our customers in the long run. See one of our Wellness Advocates today for our bundled packages to maximize your savings!

Why should we consider purchasing a protection plan on our power base?

Although all of our power base models boast of their 10 to 25-year limited factory warranties, all electronic parts and any in-home labor coverages are limited to the first few years.  ONLY mechanical parts (those not operated with electricity) are covered for the entire warranty.  Our protection plan EXTENDS all electronic parts and all in-home labor for the first ten-year period.   In essence the plan gives you ten full years of protection – and is valid nationwide, with no deductible’s and no co-pays.  Our Guardsman plan is $500 for ten years of protection- and includes both power bases (for couples) when purchased on the same invoice.

What about those “FREE” power bases advertised on TV by the big national chains?

The old adage that “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here. The “FREE” power bases offer advertised by national chains are universally sad models with little to no warranty made from a low end China factory with a head lift only and a wired remote.  Having a power base that ONLY lifts your head is like a car with ONLY two front tires!  You MUST have both head and foot elevation in order to adjust yourself into hundreds of relaxing and healthy positions.  Elevating ONLY the head will place extreme pressure on the lower back with 15 minutes or less.

Why should we consider purchasing from Relax in Comfort vs. large national chain?

In short, we are experts in the field.  We have unique knowledge in the industry and we can best assist you to make your best buying decision.  Also, we are locally owned and operated which means local accountability and responsiveness.  However, that does not mean you have to pay more with us - we have a low-price guarantee on all power bed systems and we are thousands less than the comparable Sleep Number or Tempur-Pedic brands. 

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